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How long does the Allergy take after the symptoms appear

How long does an Allergy last in children?

Every parent who has encountered an Allergy in a child is interested in how long all the symptoms of the disease will pass. After all, allergic manifestations interfere with the child’s sleep and cause discomfort. However, doctors can not give a clear answer to the question of how long the Allergy lasts in a child.

These deadlines depend on many factors. The role is played by the amount of allergen that has entered the child’s body, the speed of reaction development, and how quickly the body began to receive medications to relieve symptoms. In General, with successful treatment, an allergic reaction passes in a week. But these are approximate terms and it is simply impossible to apply them to all children.

If an allergic reaction has been ignored for a long time, then there is a possibility of long-term treatment with the preservation of concomitant symptoms.

Of Dermatitis

Allergy occurs as a result of the reaction of the immune system to an external component. This component is recognized as foreign and causes the immune system to produce allergic antibodies (histamines) to protect the body. It is histamines that cause symptoms of one type or another. The immune system will stimulate their production as long as the allergen is present in the body. After removing the allergen, healing will begin.
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In addition, the symptoms may have different severity. This depends on the degree of reaction of the immune system and the characteristics of the body. Accordingly, the more pronounced the symptoms, the more affected the skin and the longer it will heal even after complete cessation of contact with the allergen. Although the actual Allergy ends when the allergen is removed and the production of antibodies has stopped. After that, only its consequences remain.

Also, when answering the question about how long the Allergy goes through, you need to take into account the patient’s age. In children, symptoms disappear faster than in adults. This is due to the fact that the metabolic processes in a young body are faster – the pathogen is absorbed faster and excreted faster. In an adult, the process of absorption and excretion takes longer.

If a child has a mild food Allergy can pass in 1 day, then the process may take several days for an adult.
How many days does an adult skin Allergy last?

Reactions in the form of skin rashes in adults occur depending on the intensity of treatment. Hives can go away within a few days. The same amount will remain peeling of the skin at the site of the rash.

The rash also goes away within a few days if the allergen is no longer present in the blood.

Allergies can manifest as itching without rashes. This symptom disappears within an hour after taking an antihistamine. If the skin is already combed to the wounds, the healing process will be longer due to mechanical damage.

Allergy symptoms on the skin pass quickly. Reactions in the respiratory tract and nasopharynx are more difficult. Nasal congestion and bronchospasms are more severe symptoms with complications. This is especially true for the feeling of lack of air. Such symptoms may indicate the development of bronchial asthma.

These values are approximate and may differ in each individual case. It all depends on the correct therapy and prescribed medications.

Types of allergies

Food Allergy takes a long time due to the fact that the component got into the stomach. There, as well as in the intestines, it is actively absorbed into the blood for several hours after eating. Accordingly, without treatment, histamine will be produced until the pathogen is completely eliminated. After that, the production will gradually stop and the symptoms will pass naturally (regenerate the skin for rashes, restore the mucous membranes for rhinitis, etc.);
Contact Allergy occurs when the allergen gets directly on the skin and its length depends on how long the contact with the allergen lasts. If the reaction is noticed immediately and the allergen is removed at the first symptoms, then a large number of its compounds do not have time to be absorbed into the blood. If the contact lasted for a long time and the skin was damaged for a long time, then a certain amount of allergen has time to be absorbed through microtrauma. In the first case, the question of how quickly the Allergy passes, you can answer that the symptoms almost completely disappear and without treatment after an hour and a half. In the second case, they may disappear within a few hours;

Inhalation intolerance is most unpredictable in how many days it lasts. As with the contact reaction, it all depends on how quickly to stop contact with the allergen so that it no longer settles on the mucous membranes. But the difficulty is that with pollen, dust, epidermis and similar pathogens in the air, it is quite difficult to break contact, because such a reaction can continue for a very long time (for example, the entire flowering period).

How long the Allergy lasts depends on whether the treatment was carried out. Taking antihistamines inhibits the production of histamine and the development of a reaction even when the allergen is still in the body. The use of local skin medications accelerates healing.
How long does a food Allergy last

Food allergies are not formed immediately. Usually, after the first acquaintance of the body with a foreign component, nothing happens. But after repeated use, antibodies are formed in the blood that react sharply to the allergen and the result is an allergic reaction.

Food allergies can pass faster than other types of illness. It is only necessary to take an antihistamine and exclude the product from the diet. This can be called a relative success. After all, in the case of an Allergy to flowers and pollen, all symptoms will return upon contact with the allergen, i.e. any appearance on the street in the immediate vicinity of plants.

Food allergies have cross-reactions that cause symptoms of the disease when eating similar products. For example, from the same family or group. Therefore, when treating food allergies, you should consult your doctor about acceptable and unacceptable dishes and products in the diet. This will help to avoid repeated encounters with unpleasant symptoms.

Allergy is an obsessive and unpleasant illness that everyone can face. During treatment, it is important to think not about the duration of the disease, but about the correct and effective treatment and compliance with the rules. The allergic person is forced to follow the rules, and discipline helps to maintain the tendency to allergies in a state of persistent remission.
Itch — where it may appear

Such an unpleasant phenomenon as itching, during an Allergy, can appear in absolutely any patient, and different parts of the body can itch. For example, it can be:
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  • skin;
  • oral cavity;
  • the area of the genitals or anus;
  • mucous.

For example, if the allergen was metal or latex, from which the denture is made, then as a result, itching in the oral cavity may develop. Allergy to the eyes may cause either cosmetics, or dust or animal hair. Also, this condition can be triggered by contact lenses that are not suitable for a person.

The answer to the question of how long such an Allergy goes through depends on the severity of the allergic reaction. Only 3 degrees are distinguished. The most severe is when a person simply cannot control himself and combs the body until it bleeds, thereby bringing infection to the wounds.

Very often, such an Allergy appears in infants, and how much it goes through depends on the chosen treatment method and the overall health of the child.

If the patient has a strong immune system, it will be possible to quickly cope with the disease. Well, if the immune response is weak, you will have to be treated long and hard.

How long does the Allergy last

An Allergy is an increased sensitivity of the immune system to certain stimuli. Allergies can accompany a person throughout their life. The reaction to the same stimulus may be individual, but it may persist and recur for a long time. Once a reaction to a substance has occurred, it can repeat exactly the same manifestations repeatedly. Often, the Allergy may occur only in childhood, may pass over the years, but the potential risk of relapse always occurs with each new contact with the allergen. Only the activity of the reaction and symptoms can change.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction are unpredictable in duration. Such a complex disease as allergies and the work of the immune system as a whole is far from being studied and understood. Therefore, no qualified specialist will tell you exactly when the allergic reaction will stop.



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