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Algorithm of first aid for fainting and loss of consciousness

Loss of consciousness is a phenomenon that absolutely everyone can face. In some cases, it does not pose a significant threat to human life and health, in others, it indicates the presence of a serious disease. Thus, a clear algorithm of first aid actions in case of fainting is a very important knowledge that will help in a difficult situation.

Loss of consciousness is a phenomenon that absolutely everyone can face.

Syncope – syncope) – sudden loss of consciousness as a result of a temporary decrease in blood circulation to the brain. This condition is not an independent disease, but only a manifestation of the impact on the body of certain external conditions, or one of the symptoms of an underlying disease.

Almost every second person in the world fainted. Syncopal conditions are a common reason for going to doctors, conducting additional research, and being admitted to the hospital. They significantly affect the quality of life of patients and lead to adverse consequences. In view of this, help for fainting should be timely and effective.

The concept and causes of fainting

directly oxygen starvation itself can develop for several reasons. Factors that can lead to this condition are various congenital and acquired diseases of the blood vessels, heart, viral diseases and poisoning, which are accompanied by significant intoxication and high body temperature. In some cases, fainting can be caused by the use of excessively tight clothing, emotional shock, high temperature in the room or outside, as well as low oxygen content in the air.

What to do after fainting

When a person has regained consciousness, it is also necessary to behave correctly so that the fainting does not happen again. After fainting, you must:

  • Do not get up for 10 minutes. A sudden change in body position can lead to repeated loss of consciousness. Therefore it is necessary that the person fully recovered;
  • Calm the victim, extra excitement will only harm him;
  • Wrap up a person with chills, as well as if fainting happened outside in the cold season;
  • Give to drink sweet warm black tea;
  • Do not give any pills. If the patient complains of pain in the heart, it is possible to give Validol, Nitroglycerin but cannot be applied in this case. It reduces the pressure and there will be repeated fainting;
  • Do not leave a person alone, wait for an Ambulance with them, or take them home.

How to prevent fainting

Competent emergency care for fainting may not always be provided, so it is better to avoid such a development initially. First of all, you need to know the symptoms that indicate a pre-fainting state. We are talking about a squeak in the ears, the flickering of so-called flies before the eyes, profuse sweating and a sudden feeling of weakness throughout the body.West Chester urgent care

If such changes in health are recorded, then you need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • you need to lie down on a flat surface and lift your legs;
  • if you can not lie down, then you should sit down and tilt your torso forward, while the head should be lowered;
  • it is necessary to unbutton tight clothing and provide fresh air;
  • the area of the temples and the dimple on the upper lip should be massaged;
  • An extreme cases, you can inhale the vapors of ammonia.

Signs of fainting

The external manifestations of syncope or syncope are very well studied in medicine. Therefore, it is difficult to miss this state or confuse it with something else.

At the first stage, a person has unpleasant physiological sensations. The head begins to spin, there is a ringing in the ears and the appearance of small black threads in front of the eyes, which are popularly called “flies”.

Pre-fainting is characterized by General weakness, severe sweating. A person is poorly oriented in space, his legs stop listening to him. This period lasts about 1-2 minutes.

At the next stage, consciousness is turned off and the person falls. And the fall is not sharp, but smooth, people say “began to settle”.

during the fainting there is a change in the heart rate: it either slows down too much, or, on the contrary, is rapid, but barely palpable on the pulse. The victim’s pupils do not respond to external stimuli. The skin becomes gray or very pale.

After a person has come out of syncope, they may still experience dizziness, muscle weakness, and nausea for some time. However, the memory is not broken, the victim understands what happened, understands what happened before his fall.
Emergency care for fainting

If a person has lost consciousness, you need to perform certain actions to avoid the negative consequences of this condition.

A person who is fainting should be laid on his back and do it in such a way that the head is at the same level with the body. There is no need to put any items under your head.
The head itself must be turned so that the tongue does not interfere with the breathing process.
You’ll need fresh air. To secure it, you can open a door or window. It doesn’t hurt to unbutton your jacket and shirt. If there are a lot of curious people around, you need to ask them to free up space near the person who lost consciousness.
Emergency first aid for fainting also includes irritation of skin receptors. This will help activate the respiratory and vasomotor centers. To do this, it is recommended to spray your face with cold water, USD your ears, inhale vinegar or ammonia, and Pat your cheeks.
If a person is in a pre-fainting state and is still very scared, it is important to calm them down, since the stressful state causes spasm of the arteries and, consequently, leads to an aggravation of brain ischemia.


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